Our Philosophy

Grey Line

In 1993, UMIS foundations were laid with facilitating the process of communication, those processes that allow our clients to communicate internally, whilst interacting with customers and potentially with the world. Then the Internet, in it’s infancy, was an emerging medium rather than a global communication tool.

The real value creation lay in personal IT support, this being the beginnings of a philosophy to not only provide customers with what they are looking for, but to communicate what they never thought possible.

These ideas of client relationships based on principles of knowing exactly who is supporting you continue to form the core of our business attitude despite now servicing clients worldwide.

What UMIS Can Do

Our business is not simply Internet hosting, domain registration, email and e-commerce. It can and should be far more than merely this. It’s about all the processes that promote your information transfer and can enhance your communication.

It is also about all facets of support and consultancy, networks, servers and transit, but rather than just the implementation and monitoring, it also lies in the ability to design and develop; it’s the scripting and the configuration.

It’s the people.

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