Client Comments

Grey Line

Ocean Design create and manage a number of web sites and e-commerce applications for various customers. I recently asked UMIS to provide Ocean with a dedicated web server to streamline our service provision. I chose UMIS because of their flexibility and high levels of service. The set up installation of our server was as simple as a phone call to Stuart. We had some specific and unusual requirements that UMIS implemented without fuss or extra costs. The migration of our clients web sites over to the new server has been refreshingly painless and we already seeing the benefits of this new arrangement.

From a technical point of view, the server from UMIS is everything you should expect from a hosting provider. Where UMIS really stand out is in the personal level of service. Nothing is too much trouble for them and issues are usually dealt with immediately. Particularly nice is the human touch. They do not operate an annoying teleprompt system or "Job Ticketing", there is actually someone at the end of the phone that can deal with any problems and solve them as you speak.

Overall we are confident with the server and delighted with the service from UMIS.

When I was asked by the directors of if I would be willing to provide a reference/feedback regarding their services I couldn't be more willing to jump at the opportunity.

In the mid 1990's I used a hosting company in America that was good, efficient and reasonably priced but the thing that made them a cut above the rest was that they were small enough to care about the client base and provide human contactable technical support, yet big enough to meet with the demands that the internet threw at them of the time, however, they got gobbled up by a big corporation such was their standing, but so did the friendly communication and human contactable support. It was time to move on.

I thought I would have a job finding another hosting company (especially in the UK at the time - late 1990's) that I could grow with and trust in the same way until I met the directors of Everything I enjoyed with my previous hosting company before their buyout has been either equalled or in most cases surpassed for friendliness, support, service and quality. And if you become a loyal client as I have been noticed by the company, will go that little extra mile to see you right - that is particularly nice to experience.

I have not suffered any major down times in all the years I have been a client and if they do have such a problem they are on to it before you can pick up the phone and start your tirade. Moreover, they are equally as efficient if the problem is yours.

I wish I could go on and on but you'll think that I am making it all up... try for yourself and you will see that I am not - they deserve such high recommendation. If none of this matches up to aforementioned, I urge you to fire off an email to: and I will get back to you, but I don't believe you will need to.

Wildcat Taconic is the UK division of Taconic International Limited, and just one of many divisions worldwide. As with any large corporation, we rely on all our divisions to be interconnected to run our business efficiently. It is therefore essential that we have a stable multi-redundant network so that not only are we in constant communication by e-mail with our divisions but also our customers. We are also connected to our central database management system to provide us with accounting, stock control and many other day-to-day activities. designed and installed the network to our particular requirements, after the formation of Wildcat Taconic back in December 2003. They have since provided fast turn-around maintenance and support service and we have not experienced any major down times. On the few occasions where we have needed their assistance, have excelled themselves in resolving any issues with the minimum of down-time.

Wildcat Taconic really appreciate the friendly and professional relationship we hold with and it is a refreshing experience to actually speak to technician who can deal with any issues there and then, rather than the frustration of an automated telephone system or a call centre. As a result we would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any company that needs a high level of support and the experienced network and server hosting.