Data Centre

Grey Line

UMIS’ Hosting Centre is a state-of-the-art facility designed to host and manage business-critical I.T. solutions around-the-clock. Our Hosting Centre utilise the latest technologies in order to provide the highest infrastructure reliability and availability in the industry.
UMIS’ Hosting Centre has been designed to be entirely redundant and is maintained through a strictly controlled maintenance scheme on all systems. This allows for any infrastructure component to be maintained while its counterpart performs the tasks at hand. The third component is on standby to deal with outages of the active components.

Electrical System

6 independent 11kv three phase electrical supplies are provided from 3 separate national grid substations. Standby Generation is provided at N+1 redundancy via diesel engine driven generators.
On-site fuel is stored to maintain full load operation for all generator sets for continuous running of 24 hours. Back up deliveries are available from diverse supply depots.
Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) is available to provide N+1 redundancy for critical computer supplies. The UPS can support the facility for 15 minutes at full load, whilst switching to alternate supply, or standby generation start-up/synchronisation takes place.

Fire Detection System

The data centre area is fitted with a fully addressable 2 stage fire detection system that monitors the under floor, room and ceiling void space. The detectors are a 50% mix of optical and ionisation and are installed split across 2 separate zonal-loops, to meet BS 5839, 6266, 5445, 5588. The data centre area is fitted with a dry sprinkler fire detection system to meet BS 5306, 3115 and has LFEDA approval. Whilst dry sprinkler is the main fire suppression method used, gas suppression areas may be available on request.

Fire Suppression System

On receipt of 1st stage fire detection the local fire sounders will raise the local alarm, the local air conditioning systems will stop operation and the building will be evacuated. On receipt of 2nd stage fire detection there will be a second notification to the fire panel, the sprinkler system will be activated and the local power supply to the FM suite will be cut off.

Cooling Facilities

* In-room data centre air conditioning is provided at N+1 redundant unit capacity for the declared load. The heat rejection system is 30% glycol and condensed water which utilises dry heat rejection condensers on the rooftop.

* The in-room units provide a full function, closed control air conditioning system, with cooling, humidity and de-humidification control.

* Room design temperature: 22 degrees C, plus or minus 1 degree C.

* Room humidity: 50% rH. Plus 10% or minus 10% rH.

* External Temperature Design: 35 degree C Dry Bulb.

* There is a redundant "A" & "B" pipe work route to the roof top condenser system and N+1 pump system in the building to circulate the glycol condensed water to the data centre in-room air package equipment.

Security Sysytems

* The facility is physically guarded 24/7. Visitors are required to sign in at the gatehouse and again at the main reception building.

* Proximity card access is then provided to the main Data Centre building and to specific Facilities Management Suites. There is an alarm system that will respond to doors left open, or to attempted unauthorised access. A record is kept of door openings and all proximity card transactions.

* There is a CCTV coverage for the perimeter, common areas and facilities management suites.

* The Data Centre site is protected by a perimeter fence, which is fitted with intruder sensing.